About Us

Our Podcast

Geek at Arms is a podcast at the crossroads of geek culture and Christian faith.  Our three hosts, Bryan, Mike, and James are spread out across the country, but share a love of God and a variety of interests.  On the podcast, the trio discusses comics, sci-fi, fantasy, historical swordsmanship, video games, medieval reenactment, tabletop gaming, and more.  You can find episodes posted on the webage or on Podbean and iTunes.

Our Hosts

Bryan is a visual effects artist, recreational mathematician, Green Arrow afficionado, and Tolkienphile. He likes his fantasy in book form, his sci-fi in movie form, and superheroes wherever he can get them. He serves on the board of the Christian Gamers Guild and is also their web administrator and editor. A PC gamer, his games of choice are turn-based strategy, space simulations, and character-driven narratives. Stargate is the best science fiction franchise.

Mike is an ordained minister, serving as an associate pastor in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but he pays the bills by working in higher education administration. Mike has an amateur academic interest in historical fencing manuals, and enjoys SCA rapier practices.  Mike’s table gaming gravitates toward narrative-based and cooperative model board games and the older D6 Star Wars Roleplaying games.  He feels more at home with an NES controller than a contemporary gaming system, and passionately believes that the height of video game replayability reached its apex in 1988 with the release of Mega Man 2.

James has spent the last 12 years in broadcast at numerous Christian radio stations.  His geeky interests range from Star Wars and Star Trek to Lord of the Rings and all the way back around to Firefly, plus countless others in between.  A lover of games, both video and table top, James feels just at home with a controller in his hand as he does with RPGs, board, and card games.  James’ real passion in the geekosphere is in medieval reenactment.  You can find James in the SCA on the heavy fighter list, rapier practice, and on the archery range.  While he does love a sword or bow in his hand, he equally loves woodworking and practicing his heraldic skills.