Geek at Arms Episode 1

The first episode of Geek at Arms! Bryan, Mike, and James introduce themselves and dive right into their current geeky obsessions. They discuss their experiences with crowd funding and the good vs bad potential in it, and take a look “To the Future” of what upcoming events have them excited, which include Mass Effect: Andromeda and PAX East!*

Discussed in this episode:

Christian Gamers Guild
Brandon Sanderson
The Wheel of Time
Super Mario Bros. Wii
Castille Armory
Society for Creative Anachronism
The Medieval Longsword, Guy Windsor
Fiore dei Liberi
Munchkin Shakespeare
Steve Jackson Games vs. the Secret Service
Girl Genius
Potato Salad on Kickstarter
Traveller 5th Edition
7th Sea: Second Edition
Musopen on Kickstarter**
Yukon Salon: A Beary Hairy Game
Maps of Mastery
Kiva Microloans
Mass Effect: Andromeda
The Orange Box: Half-Life 2 / Portal
Metal Gear
Super Mario Bros 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade
Ghost in the Shell
PAX East 2017
Penny Arcade

* This first episode was actually recorded a week before PAX, but various circumstances (children, work, zombies) kept us from publishing it till now.
** This is not the early failed campaign I refer to in the program, but I believe it may be from the same creator.


  1. Damion Walker

    At first, before listening, I was hesitant at first of the theme of a Christian Gaming podcast gave me low expectations as far as quality and enjoyment but I was wrong! I love this and hope to hear more from you guys!

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