48: Film Club – Hudsucker Proxy

Hot off the assembly line, it’s an all new Geek at Arms! In Geek Out, Mike shares how much he’s enjoyed a recent group bookbinding project and gives us a peek into the brand new Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game. Bryan lets us know about his new job and how much he’s enjoyed catching up on the sci-fi hit The Expanse. James then tries to describe all the geeky events that have happened to him recently…but spends most of his time talking about Babylon 5. In an all new Film Club, the buys focus not on a central theme, but instead each pick a movie they just want to watch with the others. We start of with Bryan’s choice the 1994 Coen Brothers comedy The Hudsucker Proxy.

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  1. I did some hunting for employment agencies in New York in the 50’s. I saw no indications of mechanical job boards. I did find several images of employment agency signs, but none of the NY ones had external listings. I did find one example of an agency in Miami with chalk boards out front, but I think that was from the 30’s.

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